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29 December 1986
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I had another account here under the name of myst_the_wicked, but it was so old that I couldn't remember the password and the e-mail registered with it is no longer in existence. I figured that it would just be easier to make a new account.

I'm a self-published novelist who writes fantasy/romance stories that usually involve gender confused or transvestite characters. My character romances are strictly male/female pairings, but I sometimes include implied gay and lesbian pairings. I currently have one novel on sale on Kindle called 'The Rise of Heretics'. It's about a female mercenary who gets dragged into the politics of the world and has to fight against the higher powers in order to obtain her right to live--all while trying to deny her feelings for the man who decided to claim her as his wife.

I'm also a fanfiction writer and have wrote many fics under the pen name Sorceress Myst. I'm currently busy writing original works, but if I go back to write, then I'll most likely write for Slayers (Lina/Gourry and Amelia/Xelloss pairings) or Star Ocean 3 (Albel/Nel and Cliff/Mirage).

I also have a deviant art account under Myst-the-Wicked where I put all of my fanart and original digital paintings.