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I'm Back

Jeez, I haven't posted anything here in a month. But I have been working on both Aquor and my original novel. I've been in a little rut lately ever since I've started writing out the Moonbase scenes. I thought it was because I was going back to the game script and putting Nel's thoughts about the advanced society in there, but I think it's because I just don't give a damn about Moonbase. I liked Elicoor above all else- everywhere else was too boring. The moment I got back to Elicoor in my current game, the ideas started coming back and I was excited at the thought of writing again.

Too bad, I'm still at the Moonbase in the fic. The game's plot twist is important to Nel's character as it addresses her ability to adapt to contradictions to her own religion. And I still have to go through the entry to 4D space since that's going to be a pretty big change to Nel's ideals. After all, entering the 'land of the gods' and finding out that they're not as 'powerful' as she thought is bound to make her question her faith just a little. In the game, she admits to being able to accept them as her creators, but she refuses to accept being created to be their plaything. But how would one feel if they knew they could easily go up to their god and beat them up?

Anyway, I have other news. I've decided on a new title for 'The Falucite Bride'. It shall now be known as 'Fatesbane' and I'll be changing things over on fictionpress once I have the next chapter ready to post.

Progress Report

Chapter 20 of 'For the Prosperity of Aquor' is up on adultfanfiction and Wordpress and Chapter 3 of 'The Falucite Bride' is also up on fictionpress, Wordpress, and deviantART.

I've also had a drawing done a while back featuring a bleeding Albel in the snow (...and some of Nel is in there too, healing him). I'm using it as an entry to the Albel Fanclub's winter contest. All the group requires is a drawing or fanfiction of Albel in snow so if anyone out there with a deviantART account wants to join in, all you have to do is join the group and submit to the contest folder.

I'm currently working on 21 and parts of 22 of Aquor and I'm fitting some Falucite between that. I'm also hoping to finish editing chapter 2 of Aquor soon so I can start posting a young adult version on fanfiction.net.

I guess that's all I have to announce this week.

One of my better rants

Upon starting chapter 19 (18 is up by the way), I've come across something ....interesting. Since Fayt is gay in Aquor, I can't help but notice how WRONG the first meeting with Crosell is.

'It's huge!'

WHERE are you looking Fayt? Keep your eyes up there- you know at the dragon's FACE. And Maria, you're NOT helping...

'Now that's just too big...'

This was a sexual innuendo gone wrong. Crosell is now a dirty dragon.

'So Romeria, who shall ride the Marquis?'

I rest my case....

I'm not putting this in the fic, but it was hard not to notice. :D

Oh Hell....

Oh boy do I have an update to share :D

First off, chapter 17 of Aquor is up and 18 is on schedule. Sunday updates will resume and you can now find chapters on both adultfanfiction.net and WordPress.

On another note, I have officially posted 'The Falucite Bride' on fictionpress and I have the second chapter nearly done. I regret to say that updates for that will be really slow since I'm only writing after I have at least three pages of the fanfic done (and I get pretty tired after two pages). But I will keep writing and it won't be put on hiatus.

Now for the news that will shock everyone! ...Well not really. I've been behind on my art work and I had lost inspiration on the AlNel themes. Or rather, I couldn't think of anything for the earth/yellow theme. I was going to use Skyraptor's idea of autumn leaves and stuff when a new idea hit me. I have already committed crimes against Albel (like putting him in a high school fic, making him wear a girly dress, saying he has sexy man-legs, ect...), so I decided to go all the way.

The next drawing, my fellow AlNel fans, WILL BE A GENDER BENDING MOST FOUL!!!!!!!!



Sorry I couldn't get the chapter up this week. In case you came to this journal and still haven't heard the news, my brother is having a bit of trouble and I'm helping him out. For now, everything is settled, but I still have to finish the chapter before I can post it. I'll definitely have it out this Sunday on both WordPress and AdultFanfiction.Net.

Additionally- the news about AFF.Net was that they had a bot that went out of control and triggered alerts to Google. There was no virus or malware and the site itself never hosts any. It's safe to visit the site now.

To make up for the late update, there will be a nice steamy lemon in chapter 17, so look out for it this Sunday.


Due to adultfanfiction.net getting hacked and put out of commission (at least to firefox users and people with heavy security firewalls), I've decided to create a WordPress account to post everything. I will still be around here to answer questions or advertise updates, but anything significant related to original stories or AlNel will be over there.

You can find the page here: WordPress

It gives me more options of designing the page than here ^_^


Despite the distractions, I managed to get chapter 16 of Aquor out. But it's not all good news. The original ending to that chapter was way off and I had to rewrite it. I actually thought the new original was distracting me, but it seems that I'm coming down with something. What? I don't know. Perhaps my playing around with Nel's health is making me think I'm sick. But If I try to work on anything (drawing or story) I would get really tired as if I hadn't slept in days. I can take a nap, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Either way, by the time I got to the last few scenes, I was so tired that I couldn't focus or concentrate. I waited until after sleeping a full ten hours and managed to fix that scene, but the tired feeling came back worse than ever. Luckily I managed to finish, but one of the betas pointed out many errors. There may be a few sentence structure mistakes (or even horrendous grammar errors) left behind.

Well, I DID manage to write up a first chapter for my new original. For now the working title is 'The Falucite Bride'  and it can be found on deviantArt here: The Falucite Bride. I also have a drawing up of the main character: Dantia

Now don't hate on her because she's diverting my attention slightly away from AlNel. ...Quite frankly she wouldn't care what anyone thinks and she has a fae-demon bodyguard on her side. She will have two falucite bodyguards once the other one gets it in his head that he must have her. :D


I'm having such a love/hate relationship with this month. This seems to be the time of the year when my mind is most creative. It was this month two years ago that 'The Rise of Heretics' was born from one of my 'famous' dreams (where I view a new world inside the eyes of an unidentified character, that I can't even tell if its a boy or girl).

Yeah, now I had another one of THOSE dreams... A new original story is in the works and that should be good news but... I'M BUSY DAMMIT!

I'm determined to finish 'For the Prosperity of Aquor' and I know I will, but this new idea is going to bug and distract me. For the time being, the fanfic will take precedence, but I should put more priority to an original. This is how serious it's getting: within two hours, I already have an established world and two races. Three known characters have been born and an ambiguous enemy is lurking in the shadows.

And I already have a summary: The diviner said unto me ‘You will be mated to a monster’. I told her she was full of it. I knew she made it up just to get rid of me. But now when I gaze at the man with the spiffy hat, I wasn’t so sure anymore.

As for the AlNel, I'm keeping silent about Nel's condition :D

Just follow the clues coming up in the next chapter and it shall all be revealed....

All that is AlNel

I've updated For the Prosperity of Aquor and finally got in that lemon scene where Nel takes over. It's kind of sad that only two days passed in the fic and yet I've written close to three chapters since getting Albel back in the party. It's starting to make me conflicted over the timing. I guess I just need to stop thinking...

Also, I have an update on the theme fan art. I now have the Wind/Green theme (also check out the icon) up called Anniversary. It's based on a post Aquor seven years after the fic. In the end, all I really wanted to do was draw Nel with longer hair and give Albel a beard :D

Lucky 13

Yay! I got chapter 13 out on 'For the Prosperity of Aquor'! I don't really have much to say right now, but I am availalbe to answer any questions about Albel and Nel (and the progression of their relationship).

But in other AlNel related news, I'm working on a set of themes to challenge myself to draw. So far I have one done and a second one is in the works. You can view the first one here: Deadly Waltz. The rest of the theme list and links to the others (when I finish the others) can be found in the Author Comment box below the drawing in deviantArt.